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MOORE DENIM is a denim brand made in Germany. The assortment includes jeans wear for men. Those are even individual garments, because customers define the used fabrics and materials.

Old favourite jeans become new one-of-a-kind pieces when they are transformed into Trenim (Transformed Denim).

MOORE DENIM is an environmentally friendly brand

  • Jeans washings are created by manual treatment. Therefore, the usual high water consumption is greatly reduced and chemicals are not being used.
  • By upcycling, oddments from fabric cutting and no longer worn jeans are re-used.
  • The possibility to choose organic fabrics protects the environment and a person who wears organic fabrics avoids toxic substances which may be used at the production of conventional fabrics.

Buy fabrics from MOORE DENIM

Fabrics and buttons used by MOORE DENIM can also be bought in the MOORE STOFFE online shop.

Discover the PREMIUM-LABEL

Owner and designer Christian Moore creates extraordinary outfits for special events and stage performances. The selected materials and extravagant cuts turn those outfits into exclusive, unique pieces that guarantee an eye-catching appearance at a gala or on a Red Carpet.



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Creating Transformed Denim = Trenim

 Lapse of the creation of a MOORE DENIM denim jacket



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